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About Becca Roofing

Lithia, Florida

We have been delivering excellence in roofing service to our community for over thirty years. During that time, we have seen all sorts of roofing problems, and have learned to repair all of them. We have repaired so many roof leaks over the years, our depth of understanding for what the source of these leaks may be makes it second nature for finding and repairing the next leak we have to fix. No matter your issue, we can give you the roof you need.

I'm the owner, James Franklin, and I named my business after my daughter, Rebecca, and I've committed myself to becoming the roofing subcontractor in Lithia that clients call for any roofing issues. Because Becca Roofing is a small business, I rely heavily on referrals and work hard to make sure that my customers are satisfied my work. I make sure that my name, and his daughter's name, is attached to a great reputation in business.

Call today for more information about how Becca Roofing can be of service to you, your business or your home.