Shingle Roof Installation

What makes a good roof is all determined by the people who install it. Most of the shingle manufacturers are similar in quality and product. We like to use GAF shingles because they are #1 in the USA, they offer a great warranty and they also have a factory here in Tampa.

Here is our step by step process for installing your new roof: we remove the old roof, repair any damaged wood that is found, re-nail the roof deck to meet the new Florida building code, install all new metal and any vents on the roof, install a synthetic roof underlayment, install the shingles, clean the job site and finally provide the homeowner with their transferable roof warranty.

GAF and Becca Roofing come together to provide a 50 year Lifetime Roof warranty. This warranty is transferable, covers the cost of the materials as well as the labor to remove and install. It is also good for wind speeds up to 130 mph and is backed by the #1 shingle manufacturer in the USA.

Benefits for your new GAF/Becca Roofing installation include:

  • A transferable warranty makes your home more valuable to future buyers.
  • A 130 mph wind warranty can save you thousands of dollars during the hurricane season.
  • These are backed by GAF, making it a warranty with some gravitas.
  • This is a warranty that actually covers the cost of replacing the roof if need be.